The holistic approach of the family

The holistic approach of the family

The holistic approach of the family: pre-requisite for happiness

The quality of couple relationship:    

The quality of couple relationship is vital for maintaining a happy family: two healthy individuals that are enthousiastic about each other and eager to cultivate their relationship between them. A positive couple relationship includes good communication skills, expression of emotions and sexual attachment.

Family/nest values:      

The values of the family nest that are taught by parents to the children grow the self-esteem and drives to self-autonomous children in adulthood. The values include self-respect, sincerity, self-worth and good relationship with others. The child needs to learn how to co-operate with others and how to form meaningful social relationships.

The enjoyable working environment:

The enjoyable working environment for the couple and the sense of productivity instead of just employment helps parents to feel happy and this transfers good vibes and a sense of security to the children. Each parent finds his/her personal brand that makes him/her unique at working environment.

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