Vocational Guidance in Adolescence

Vocational Guidance in Adolescence

Good mental health is important to a child's life

in order for them to be able to form right human relationships; make friends and be successful at school. Vocational Guidance is equally important in adolescence in order for a teenager to achieve his/her goals..

Vocational Guidance helps a teenager gain self-knowledge, improve themselves, set goals for their professional future and realize which are the fields they are good at so that they can make the most of their possibilities fulfilling their dreams.

Every human being is unique. Each one of us has their own personality, their own abilities, their own interests and their own values. The right assessment of those four parametres is achieved via the basic programme on Vocational Guidance and is addressed to young people between 14-17 years of age who are looking for substantial help and update on the choice of professional direction.

Vocational Orientation is of an advisory nature and aims at helping teenagers choose the right professional direction for themselves according to their personality, skills,inclinations, interests and socioeconomic reality.

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