My Resume, Elsa Dimopoulou

I studied Applied Social with Clinical Psychology at Kent University, England and I am listed as a professional psychologist under the 4914/05-02-09 License Listing Number. I continued with my studies at King's College where I got a postgraduate diploma on Child-Art Psychotherapy. I got my second postgraduate diploma on Relationship Counseling in Hull, London. I have worked as a child psychologist at the educational organization "Place to Be" where I was in charge of the Counselling Services in primary schools. Furthermore, I have worked at the Child Psychiatric Clinic of Guy's Hospital, London.
Papers of mine entitled "Story-telling Techniques for the Assessment of Children's Emotional and Behavioural Problems" have been published in the book "Play Diagnosis and Assessment". In Greece, I hold my private practice as a psychologist, child psychologist and counsellor on Vocational Guidance for both adolescents and adults and at the same time, I teach the seminar "Child-Art Psychotherapy" following the principles of Vera Vasarhelyi's Method at the Centre of Lifelong Learning "Psychopedia".
I also teach the "Management of Children's Emotional Difficulties via Art Therapy" seminar at the same Centre.
Additionally, I work with "Paidion Pleusi", a Centre of Special Therapies for children,adolescents and parents.
I am also a pioneer of an educational programme for company employees. I have been trained in Cognitive Psychotherapy at Aiginiteio Hospital and in Vocational Orientation Counselling at the ISON PSYCHOMETRICA Company.
I have held lectures for parents' associations, frontistiria, community centres, schools and businesses.

Ever since November 2019, I am a volunteer psychologist for the "Ark of the World", a voluntary non-profit organization for mother and child protection.
I am also a member of H.S.C.G., the Hellenic Society of Counselling and Guidance.

More Specifically

March 2013 - March 2014

Relate Institute University of Hull, England

Postgraduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling

It consisted of 50 hours of practice on couples with a view to offering them guidance following the Systemic and Psychodynamic Approach.

October 1999 - July 2001

King's College, University of London, England

Postgraduate Diploma in Child-Art Psychotherapy for children and adolescents. Graduated with Honours.

It consisted of daily practice under supervision at the following institutions:

  • Educational Organization "Place to Be Good", Shepherd Primary School, Croydon
  • Child Psychiatric Clinic for children aged 0-8, Bloomfield Clinic, Guy's Hospital of London
  • Child Psychiatric Clinic for adolescents, Guy's Hospital of London

October 1995 - July 1999

University of Kent, England

Bachelor's Degree (ΒSc. Hons) on Applied Social with Clinical Psychology. Graduated with Merit (2.1)

From 23rd February 2021

Apart from my private practice I am also working as a psychologist for the Attica Region in order to handle and respond to urgent situations and emergencies.

In the specific post I am responsible for offering psychological support through a help line as well as taking part in events at the the hosting facilities of the Attica Region

July 2018 - May 2019

"Paidon Pleusi", Centre for Special Therapies - 407, Grigoriou Lampraki Avenue, Keratsini

Psychologist - Child Psychologist with specialization on both Child-Art Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents and Parent Counselling.

March 2018 - April 2018

"Psychopedia", 98-100, Achillea Paraschou st., Ambelokipoi

1) Instructor of an educational programme on Art Therapy for children - Duration: 30 hours

2) Instructor of a fast-pace educational programme on Child-Art Therapy for children and adolescents - Duration: 27 hours

October 2015 - July 2017

British Hellenic College - 2, Rethymnou st.,Athens

I hold seminars on:

- Art Therapy for Children and Adolescents

- Relationship Counselling

- Work/Job Development

- Parent Counselling

September 2015

Frontistirion Charissis

Integration of a complete programme on the reinforcement, emotional development and support for children-adolescents.

April 2013 - June 2015

Frontistirion Charissis - Frontistirion Magoulas - Frontistirion "Synolo" - Frontistirion "Symvolo"

Vocational Orientation Counsellor

Announcement and analysis of the results of Vocational Guidance to adolescents with a view to discovering their inclinations and/or talents and their future profession.

Integration of a Parent Counselling programme

February 2009

  • Psychologist's Professional License (Listing Number 4914/05-02-09)
  • Member of the Pan-Hellenic Psychological Association
  • Member of Association of Greek Psychologists
  • Member of the Greek Association of Art Therapists
  • Member of the Association "Europa Donna Hellas" - European Federation Against Breast Cancer
  • Member of the British Psychological Society

July 2007

ISON PSYCHOMETRICA LLC - 31, Kifissias Avenue, Ambelokipoi, Athens

Special Counsellor

Instruction and implementation of a specialized educational programme for the Municipal Police of the City of Athens entitled "How to have a better communication with citizens"

May 2006

Certification Organization: IPAT (ISON Psychometrica)

Certified on the implementation and analysis of the specialized psychometric tests on Vocational Guidance 16PF, CAB, OVIS.

November 2002 - nowadays

Private practice at 25, Epidavrou st., Kifissia, Athens


Specialized on: Child-Art Psychotherapy, Psychodiagnostic Assessment, Vocational Guidance for Adolescents, Individual Counselling, Talent Management, Relationship Counselling

Long experience on the effective therapy of hundreds of children and adolescents with diagnosed emotional problems as well as behavioural problems using the method of Child-Art Psychotherapy. Parent Counselling and Psychological Assessment along with Psychological Support for Adolescents. Cooperation with the ISON PSYCHOMETRICA Company on the assessment and support of business executives.

September 1999 - July 2001

Children's Psychological Clinic, Psychoanalysis Institute, Tavistock Centre - London

Research Assistant

Difficult Patient Workshop - under the guidance of the famous psychoanalyst David Morgan

June 1995 - August 1997

Sismanogleio Hospital - Psychiatric Unit

Trainee Clinical Psychologist under the supervision of Assistant Professor, Mr Errikos Tzembelikos

31st January 2020 to 1st February 2020

Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens (EBEA)

Seminar entitled "Contemporary Changes and Challenges and the Role of the Counsellor"

December 2018

"Invelop Skills" - Centre of Lifelong Learning


June 2013

Greek Society of Adlerian Psychology

"Anger in the Marital Relationship" -Duration: 7 hours

May 2013

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPI 2TM - Duration: 18 hours at ISON PSYCHOMETRICA Company


January 2013

"Mental Health and Couple Relationship" -Duration: 6 hours at Relate Institute


24th - 25th November 2012

Pan-Hellenic Association of Parent Education

Educational programme on emotional education for instructors and/or coordinators of parent-education groups - Duration: 10 educational hours

May - June 2012

Pan-Hellenic Association of Parent Education

Training Programme on Maria Chourdaki's evolutionary system for instructors and/or coordinators of parent-education groups - Duration: 40 educational hours

April 2012

Τhe American College of Greece - Deree

Life Coaching: "Lead the Life you Would Like to Have" - Duration: 12 hours

11the April 2012

Pan-Hellenic Psychological Association

"Psychological Interventions and Techniques to Support Individuals in Search of a Job" - Duration: 8 hours

29th January 2012

Pan-Hellenic Psychological Association

Psychologists' Specialized Instruction on Parent-Education Groups - Duration: 8 hours

March 2011

The American College of Greece-Deree

"Sports Psychology: Basic Principles" -Duration: 10 hours

November 2010

Certification Organization: ISON Psychometrica

"Introduction to Play Therapy" - Duration: 36 hours

2nd - 9th June 2006

Georgios Stathopoulos' Private Practice

"Individual Psychoanalytic Psychodrama for Adults" - Trainer: Georgios Stathopoulos, Clinical Psychologist - Duration: 87 hours

June 2005

"Asklipigeneia" Centre

"Mythology and Psychology: How Can Myth Change our Lives" - Duration: 6 hours

October 2003 - June 2004

Aiginiteio Hospital - Department of Cognitive Psychotherapy

"Cognitive Psychotherapy" - Duration: 1 year - Instructor/Trainer: Giannis Papakostas, Professor at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Aiginiteio Hospital

February 2002

Greek Association for Humanitarian and Integrative Therapeutical Counselling and Psychotherapy

"Addictions" - 1-day Conference

October 2001 - February 2002

Psychodiagnostic Psychotherapy and Speech Therapy Centre - Athens

"Theory and Implementation of the Thematic Apperception Tests T.A.T. for Adults and C.A.T. for Children"

January 2000 - April 2000

Institute of Psychoanalysis - Tavistock Centre, Children's Psychiatric Clinic - London

"Analysis of the Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice" - Duration: 40 hours

February 2000

156, Odessa Road - Forest Gate - London

Educational Programme: "Learning from Psychosis"

October 2000 - March 2001

Society of Analytical Psychology

"Basic Principles of Analytical Psychology" - Duration: 60 hours

10th - 11th June 1999

Brief Therapy Practice, London

Narrative Therapy from Michael White

May 1999

The British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from Dr. Paul Salkovskis s

April 1998

Mindfield seminars - The European Therapy Studies Institute

"Recognizing Depression and Treating it Without Medication"

April 1998

George Turle's House Department of Child and Family Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy - Duration: 20 hours

18th - 22nd May 2015

Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults & Children

"Latest Development on the Neuropsychiatric, Psychological and Social Sciences - The Family's Holistic Approach: Pre-requisite for Happiness" - Speaker: Elsa Dimopoulou

15th - 18th May 2003

Institute for the Research and Implementation of Mental Health Programmes

Pan-Hellenic Psychiatric Conference: "The Contribution of Art to Psychiatric Therapies"

7th - 9th February 2003

Pan-Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatric Society

"The Clinical Approach to Psychiatry" - 2nd Pan-Hellenic Psychiatric Conference at the General Hospital

11th - 14th September 1997

European Psychiatric Association - Division of Psychotherapy

"Psychotherapy in Europe: Trends and Practices"